The company HOTEL SERVICE GROUP is engaged in the complex supply of hotel and restaurant complexes and other organizations of the HoReCa segment, as well as healthcare facilities, food industry and agriculture facilities, with the necessary groups of goods and services for successful work such as:

1. Equipment for hotels (wall-mounted hairdryers, cosmetic mirrors, safes, mini-bars, ironing equipment, kettles and trays, trolleys and luggage racks, folding beds for rooms, etc.)

2. Sanitary and hygienic equipment (soap dispensers, electric hand dryers, paper towel and toilet paper holders, insect killers, urns, ashtrays, changing tables, etc.)

3. Cleaning equipment (vacuum cleaners, trolleys for maids, waiters, laundry and storage, trolleys for cleaning and for transportation of laundry, consumables, etc.)

4. Terry products (towels, bathrobes, bath mats, sheets on the elastic band)

5. Hotel accessories (hotel slippers, cosmetics and haberdashery)

6. Paper products (toilet paper and towels in rolls and packs, table and cosmetic napkins, bed sheets, lining for toilet, wiping materials, etc.)

7. Professional chemistry (for the food industry, liquid soap, shampoo, care products for bathrooms, floor and carpeting, glass surfaces, universal tools, etc.).

8. Services (gasification, deodorization, disinfection, fumigation, deratization, disinfestation, etc.)