The VALERA brand exists since 1990, first making a good name for itself on the Swiss domestic market. Italy was the first foreign market, where VALERA was launched in 2000. Since then, VALERA gradually entered the international stage and today the Swiss hair specialist is active in over 80 countries. Read more about VALERA's market presence:

VALERA – at home in Switzerland

As a Swiss brand with in-house production, VALERA is one of the top players in its home country. VALERA is Number 1 on the domestic market when it comes to Swiss-made products. VALERA haircare appliances are present in major retail chains such as Migros and Coop and in the electrical outlets as Fust, Interdiscount and Media Markt, as well as in the leading specialized retailers. Selected distributors and wholesalers serve the professional market of salons and hairdresser. Hotels include the VALERA Hospitality range via specialist hotel outfitters such as BB-Stil. Of course, the Internet is playing an increasing role as a distribution channel for the entire range.

VALERA – known all around the world

Whether it is for professional haircare appliances or hairdryers for hotel use, the VALERA name can be found in more than 80 countries. The presence in leading department stores and retail chains is a key highlight. Since 2010 the famous Spanish department store El Corte Inglés has displayed the VALERA brand. In 2011 VALERA was featured in Mediaworld in Italy with a selection of high-quality appliances. Also the French electrical retailers Boulanger, Darty, BHV and La Fayette have stocked VALERA since 2013. In the professional haidresser sector, VALERA is particularly strong in Germany. The VALERA Professional brand ranks number one in ultra lightweight hairdryers with its Swiss products, Swiss Light and Swiss Turbo. In Ireland, VALERA achieved a good degree of popularity as the main sponsor of the 2012 Miss Ireland Contest. In Russia, VALERA is one of the biggest brands in haircare appliances in the personal sector, selling a wide range of products in major electronics outlets – M-Video, Technopark and Media Markt. Outside of Europe, VALERA is one of the strongest haircare brands for example in Kuwait (important chain: X-Cite by Alghanim) and in United Arab Emirates (important chain: E-MAX Electronics). The brand has also established a foothold in North America. Our global trading partners represent VALERA at trade fairs, roadshows and workshops, and contribute to making these Swiss quality appliances known around the world.