Introduction to the professional hair dryers Valera series Black

Introduction to the professional hair dryers Valera series Black

18 Aug, 2021
В этой статье мы рассмотрим фены поближе: из чего они сделаны, кому нужны и чем преимущественны перед другими фирмами. Обратим внимание на настенные модели серии Black, стильную изюминку ассортимента.

In this article, we will take a closer look at hair dryers: what they are made of, who needs them, and how they are advantageous over other brands. Let's pay attention to the wall models of the Black series, a stylish highlight of the range.

Valera has been making hair dryers for sixty years: this is, first of all, experience and trust in the brand, as well as constant growth and product improvement. One of the few brands in the beauty industry, Valera is not only registered in a European country, but also creates products there. The own factory in Ligornetto, Switzerland employs hundreds of experienced employees. Engineers, developers and designers design and manufacture products for professional purposes. What does professional mean? - No, we are not talking only about stylists and beauty salons. We mean the ability of hair dryers to withstand a high load and at the same time work for years, have the best qualities so as not to harm hair, combine convenience, safety and style, be useful both at home and for public use. Moreover, the development of hair dryers takes place in cooperation with the consumer: the company takes into account the wishes and recommendations of its customers in order to produce not only reliable devices, but also the most efficient ones.

Valera's main principle is quality. In 1995 the company received the ISO 9001 certificate, which was renewed in 2014 in accordance with the latest ISO 9001: 2008 standard. The products are designed according to the latest European standards - this is evidenced by the “CE” mark on each product. Special attention is paid to device safety (standards IEC / EN 60335-1 and IEC / EN 60335-2-23) and recommendations for radio frequency interference and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). All hair dryers are certified by internationally recognized institutions to the strictest safety standards and carry many marks: VDE, ELECTROSUISSE, NEMKO, etc.

Let's move on to the hair dryers themselves. One of the latest collection is Black - glossy and matte wall-mounted hair dryers in a monotone color. All details are thought out in these products: aesthetics, convenience and safety. But if quality pursues all Valera products, the Black series has become its most stylish highlight.

Let's consider several models.

Valera Action Super Plus 1800 All Black

The most compact and beloved is Valera Action Super Plus 1800 All Black. This model will be the best option for a hotel room or home use, in all cases where you are looking for a powerful device with a minimum size: 183*155*93mm. The hair dryer has two speed modes and three heating modes - the golden mean among functions. In drying, we most often use a strong air flow, less often a weak one for ease of installation. Three temperature settings are distributed as follows: medium is the standard and optimal, cold we finish drying the hair for its shine and smoothness. A hot stream is not recommended so as not to damage the hair, but so often it is simply necessary in a hurry and eternal lateness. Especially for this, the company has developed a safe wavy heating element - it evenly distributes the air and prevents only one strand from overheating. In addition, the hair dryer is equipped with a low noise fan, a special design by Valera, as if conceived for hotels, where the noise of neighbors is undesirable.

The second model in the series is similar to the first, but in reality they are very different, and we will tell you what the essence of Valera Excel 1600 Shaver Black is. The first thing that you can even notice in the name is that a special socket for electrical appliances is built into the device. This is convenient if the bathroom does not have an outlet near the mirror. The second difference is the size, 470*250*150mm, much larger than the previous one and more standard, familiar to users. If you are not confused by the size of the rooms and would like to install an additional outlet, we advise you to pay attention to this hairdryer. All other functions are identical to the small version, but please note that the power is slightly different.

Valera Excel 1600 Shaver Black

Valera Hotello BLDC MATT-BLACK

Перейдем к абсолютно другому виду фена со шлангом для интенсивного использования Valera Hotello BLDC Matt-Back. This model is ideal for swimming pools, gyms, beauty salons and other places with high traffic. Despite its appearance, the device is compact: 550*112*147mm, and can easily fit in any room. With a low power of 1400-1500 watts, depending on the model, the hair dryer has a strong air flow due to its unusual shape in the form of a hose. The device is equipped with a long-lasting battery and energy-saving features - shutdown after eight minutes of use. This time is calculated by tests and is positioned as optimal, safe and absolutely sufficient for drying even long hair. We have described the main differences between this type of hair dryer. On the site you can get acquainted in more detail with the three models, their functions, and choose what is closer to you and your consumer.

Valera hair dryers are quality, the Black series is style. In the modern world, we can allow combining these properties in one product and be confident in their collaboration. We recommend the Swiss manufacturer personally from ourselves, as we have been testing it in work for years. We are sure that once you try it, you will stay with Valera forever.

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