Automatic hand dryer HANDY

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Powerful and compact automatic hand dryer

  • Ripple wire SECURITY heating element
  • LONG-LIFE AC Universal Motor
  • Automatic on/off switching through infrared sensor
  • Safety timer
  • Easy wall-mounting without opening the appliance
  • 2 possibilities of electrical wiring:
    • direct connection to electrical mains (hardwire)
    • connection with plug (softwire)
  • Degree of protection: IP23
  • Fixation screws and screw anchors included

Automatic switch onAC Motor Heavy Duty1000 hours long lifeAutomatic safety timerIP 23: Protection against ingress of foreign solid objects ≥ 12,5 mm Ø; against water spraying.Super safetySwiss made

The unique Swiss quality of motors equipped with Valera® dryers increases the service life of the devices several times and significantly reduces the level of failures and damages.
The wire wavy heating element makes the airflow temperature distribution more uniform, in comparison with the spiral heating elements.
The patented FLON fan - Fan Low Noise - produces a more powerful airflow, while reducing acoustic noise.
Valera dryers are manufactured at the factory in the city of Ligornetto (Switzerland) and are marked with the "Swiss Cross" and "Made in Switzerland" logos, which are a guarantee of quality and high level of competence.

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